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Sunbeam, designed by Van Auken Akins Architects LLC (VAA), will be a 92,394 sq. ft. elementary/middle school in Cleveland, Ohio. Upon completion, the new school building will house approximately 515 students in grades PreK-8. The program for this school is primarily general and special needs students, including medically fragile, orthopedic handicapped and visually impaired.  VAA’s integrated design approach will foster an environment where these students can excel. This includes incorporating 21st Century learning elements such as flexible and dynamic classrooms and learning spaces. The school is being designed to achieve LEED Silver certification and will be built in accordance with the Ohio School Design Manual. VAA will integrate BIM throughout all stages of the project, from conceptualization through completed construction.


VAA is providing complete architecture, interior design, furniture design, signage design and LEED services on behalf of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.



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