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Van Auken Akins Architects LLC (VAA), Legat Kingscott, and BrainSpaces conducted a comprehensive assessment and developed a master plan that responded to the facility needs of the Orange City School District. The assessment encompassed 11 school buildings, ranging from K-12. The findings were compiled into a master report detailing the issues and recommendations for improvements, along with their associated costs and prioritization. The report was used to establish benchmark criteria for incorporation into the master planning process, which focuses on long term educational success based on 21st Century learning principles.


VAA has completed numerous renovation and addition projects for the Orange School District, which is recognized by the Hanover Research Council as a national model in providing students with 21st Century learning skills. VAA has been working with the District since 2008 on a variety of new construction and renovation projects including, Pre-K classrooms, Moreland Hills Elementary School, Ballard Brady Middle School, Orange High School and the community


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