Our architectural design services range from small renovation projects to large scale public projects across a broad range of market types. Our approach for designing spaces to successful completion is grounded in our philosophy that collaboration and communication between team members and clients is essential for creating unique spaces that reflect our clients’ identity and exceeds their expectations—all while keeping to budget and schedule requirements.  It’s through this collaborative approach that we are able to identify your needs and share our knowledge and expertise to bring your unique space to life.



Our Interior Designers work closely with the Owner, Architects, and Contractors throughout the entire design process and construction period. We listen closely to your goals, which allow our design team to develop innovative solutions that can not only be accomplished within the desired timetable and budget, but also suit your desired aesthetic goals and expectations as well. Sustainable materials are selected whenever possible and particular care is taken to select items that can be easily maintained, as our clients will live in and maintain their facilities long after our work is complete.



Our construction management services focus on providing clients with pre-planning, design, construction, engineering and management expertise. We provide these services as both Agency CM and CM-at-Risk, teamed with our partner CM firms. Our on-site personnel manage all aspects of a project, allowing the work to progress without unnecessary delays. VAA’s on-site Construction Managers are responsible for advising clients on construction issues and for providing oversight and management of construction activities in order to keep your project on budget and schedule.



Our team has extensive experience providing facility assessment and master planning services for clients across a broad range of market types. Master plans provide clients with a clear understanding of where they are today and identifies a framework for where they would like to be in the future. Our highly collaborative process involves key stakeholders to develop a clear understanding of the existing facilities and programs to identify future program needs. This collaborative approach is used throughout the entire master plan process, which allows us to explore, refine, and validate the long term roadmap for your facilities.



As members of both the Northeast Ohio Chapter as well as the National USGBC, we are consistently exploring new ideas on how to specify products and select construction methods that are safer for the environment and the community. VAA is unique in the fact that we have been involved in over 4 million square-feet of sustainable design projects that feature different aspects and project roles, serving as the Lead Architect, LEED Coordinator, and Consultant. We understand the interconnection of the design and construction process, as well as the materials, systems, and procedures required to deliver a sustainable, LEED Certified building on schedule and within budget.